More than 20 years Experience in Executive Search


We combine our comprehensive and verifiable experience in the field of international executive search with the motivation and rapidity of an exclusive boutique, to support all clients with best practice.

Our substantial expertise of target markets and deep industry experience in our core divisions allows us to identify and find the best and brightest heads for your sustainable business success.

We focus the entire working process – starting with the clear and mutual understanding of the search mandate, across the formulation of a suitable search strategy up to identification and designation of appropriate candidates – on the individual needs of our clients.

A central guiding theme for our team consists in passion for what we do: supporting humans and organisations in evolving the best of each. This includes clients, with whom we want to collaborate long-term and based on a strong partnership as well candidates, who entrust us their personal advancement.

Not till then we are contented!


Our goal is to achieve a »Win-Win« situation for client and the candidate: for the business to introduce the best candidates and for the candidate to offer a new fascinating working environment, which correlates with his skills and expectations.

In the area of International Corporate Research we collaborate with Delphi-Research, headquartered in Paris.


Nadja Neiss
Managing Director / Partner


Horst Waizenegger
Managing Director / Partner