With our transparenten and structured process we support our clients in successful casting of key positions and help to secure the lead in an constantly evolving and complicated market environment and competition.



In the beginning we hold a detailed briefing interview with the client as well an indepth analysis of current situation. Next follows the development of the positions description and the definition of the canditate requirementsprofile.


Market analysis

After a comprehensive analysis of the positions environment we formulate the position- and requirementsprofile, which lays the foundation of our search process.

For our conducted market analysis we relay on our own research-consultants. The goal for this process consists in identifying the characteristics of the market environment and to select matching candidates .


Selection of the candidates

After the analysis of curriculums vitae and certifications we conduct personal interviews with the best candidates. On demand we obtain testimonials, references or integrate special screening test into the selection process.


Presentation of the candidates

Once the selection phase is completed, the responsible consultant will introduce to you the adequate candidates in-person. During the interview the consultant assumes the role of a supervisor. From a position of an observer very often unfolds valuable insights. To empower you with a maximum level of decision security, we directly conduct after the interviews with the candidates a joint reflexion session between you as the client, and your personal consultant.


Assistance in the integration phase

Upon request we supervision the candidate also along the integration phase.